About Footsations


Footsations is a mobile foot care service based in Ontario, offering quality foot care to those who truly need it!   The majority of our clients are diabetic and benefit from routine care, planning, and assessment of the feet to help reduce the risk of infection leading to amputation.  At Footsations, it is our heart's desire to help reduce the challenges associated with gaining access to vital health care services such as this one. This is why we bring our mobile services to you! Call now to book an appointment and let us help you achieve optimal foot health!  

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To educate, inspire, and be a  valuable resource in the community for its members and other care providers. 

To break down barriers to care for seniors by providing access to quality products and services.


  • Quality Care delivery EVERY TIME! 
  • Uniquely tailored to meet individual needs
  • Active promotion of health and welfare 
  • Licenced professionals that truly care
  • Integrity and professionalism 
  • Therapeutic relationships based on honesty, trust and respect
  • Yielding patience and consideration to meet every challenge


 Quality, Respect, Integrity, Diversity